Blast and Risk Analysis

Protective solutions for your project

Blast consultancy from A to Z

Is your infrastructure or building project subject to blast and impact risks? Then Praetorian Engineering delivers the strategic engineering consultancy you need. We offer blast consultancy from A to Z.

Praetorian Engineering's expertise includes risk assessment, engineering design and physical security related to blast and impact events. Our services range from quick assessments and advice through to full engineering services. This allows us to offer high-value and cost-effective solutions, tailor-made to any problem, no matter how complex.

Praetorian Engineering takes pride in clear communication and direct collaboration. We work directly with the project engineers to optimise the safety of their installations and we continuously discuss and document our studies to facilitate the interpretation of the results for all stakeholders, present and future.


High-risk projects require protective design

Whether accidental or malicious, blast or impact loading events in high-risk building projects can have devastating effects on the building's critical systems and networks. Not to mention on its occupants. Protective design is the way to provide structural mitigation for these effects.

Praetorian Engineering offers unparalleled excellence in blast risk assessment and protective design solutions. Our expertise has been put to use for a wide range of mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, and for high-profile locations such as federal government buildings, embassies, airports, power stations, industrial structures and commercial sites.


Our business: protecting your business

Praetorian Engineering is a close-knit team of professionals with a wide variety of competences, all sharing one goal: protecting your business. We offer the highest-quality advisory and technical services in blast consultancy available.

We closely collaborate with clients and other stakeholders to find fitting solutions for project-specific problems. Thanks to the high qualification of our team members, we are able to offer state-of-the art methods and to achieve results that are both pragmatic and cost-efficient.


"Praetorian Engineering is a provider of high value, cost-effective protection solutions and technical services, working directly with the project engineers to optimize the safety of their installations."