Blast vulnerability assessment of an existing building

Blast vulnerability assessment of an existing building

Praetorian Engineering conducted a blast vulnerability assessment of a centrally located building for a large player in the financial industry.

The client specified vehicle-borne explosive devices as the general threat scenario. Our team refined that threat to a number of specific blast scenarios. We then conducted a thorough analysis of vulnerabilities. This allowed us to determine the degree of impact that the various blast scenarios would have on various critical locations of the structure.  

Uncertainties regarding structural details had a great influence on the potential for blast resistance of structural components and on the building’s potential resilience. These uncertainties were clarified by reverse engineering and sensitivity analyses.

This approach made it possible to provide qualitative estimates of the potential damage. Our study enabled us to give the customer pragmatic advice on which strategic solutions were needed to mitigate the threat and its potential impact to tolerable levels.

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