About Us

Praetorian Engineering at a glance

In short

Praetorian Engineering is the haute couture of blast consultancy for terror threat-sensitive infrastructure and high-risk industrial environments. Our solutions are high-quality and tailor made. Complexity is no match for our creativity. One difference with the fashion world, though: we prioritise pragmatism and sensible pricing.

Praetorian Engineering characteristics

  • Experienced
  • Quality-driven
  • Involved
  • Team-oriented
  • Responsive
  • Creative
  • Reliable

The long story

An essential service for an uncertain world

Praetorian Engineering's blast consultancy provides an essential service for an uncertain world. The global terror threat and the hazards inherent in high-risk industrial processes are the twin factors pushing both private companies and public institutions to assess the blast and impact security of their buildings.

Secure your operation...

Blast and impact security planning is essential for two main reasons. Firstly, operational. Decision makers need to be aware of each and every risk to their business: threats must be identified, the effectiveness of existing countermeasures evaluated, the potential impact analysed. This is essential to minimise disruption – loss of life, destruction of property – in case of a blast or impact event.

… and your reputation

Secondly, for the sake of reputation. In an insecure world, having excellent threat mitigation in place is a key element of your business's good name. It's an important selling point with potential customers. Inversely, if a blast or impact event leaves your business unable to fulfil its legal obligations and/or ensure continuity of service, your reputation (and your business) will suffer.

Go for true involvement...

Praetorian Engineering has a core staff of specialists with wide and complementary areas of experience and expertise. When working with a client, we set up a task force consisting of our own specialists with the skills relevant to the project, the clients' project managers, and other stakeholders, if applicable. This setup ensures true involvement and generates the high-quality protective design and security solutions that perfectly fit the needs of our clients.

… and get maximum engagement

For those unfamiliar with its specifics, the high complexity of blast and risk assessment may come across as overwhelmingly arcane. This is something we are very aware of. That's why our team of highly qualified academics and professionals takes a three-step approach that maximises client engagement with the issues at hand:

  • Break down the complexity of the issue into well-defined problem statements;
  • Use the appropriate tools to analyse these statements;
  • Translate the problems into pragmatic solutions.
Embrace security-by-design

Our methods are chosen on a case-by-case basis. Our expertise is continuously validated by R&D and testing. We are familiar with all applicable local and international guidelines and standards.

We passionately believe that our commitment to high quality and high transparency provides us with a unique ability to blend in security and protection to a building's design and operations. In a very cost-effective manner. Increasingly, clients are embracing this security-by-design approach. Praetorian Engineering is ready, willing and able to provide the solution.

"Assisting customers through quality-oriented advisory and technical services, we strive to deliver unparalleled excellence in blast consulting with the stated goal of maximizing yields, optimizing value and achieving the desired results within a framework of safety, efficiency, competency and professional conduct."

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