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Analysing vulnerabilities

Analysing vulnerabilities

Praetorian Engineering evaluates the potential of a blast or impact event to cause damage to system-critical elements and to impact on overall structural integrity. This analysis is used to quantify human, structural and operational consequences of an event, and to determine strategies to effectively reduce vulnerabilities.

During a threat identification, our team analyses potential, realistic explosive hazards, aiming to provide you with a well-defined foundation for your protection strategies. We perform vulnerability analyses of perimeter, structural, architectural and façade elements of buildings against identified existing and potential threats, such as secondary fragmentation and progressive collapse risk from blasts.

Once identified, the hazards are also translated into blast and impact load parameters – a crucial step in the process of blast and risk analysis. Early determination of structural weaknesses allows security and protective measures to be integrated seamlessly and cost-effectively into the facility design.

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Evaluating the consequences of hazardous events

A vulnerability assessment provides two main things: it identifies critical building systems and elements; and it quantifies the capacity to withstand extreme events. It is of course crucially important to evaluate the structural resilience of a building when faced with a progressive and disproportionate collapse that causes substantial damage.

The analysis is based on state-of-the-art methods, producing a case-by-case evaluation of the level of accuracy required to give the customer reliable results. This with an eye to the time- and cost-effectiveness that chimes with the customer’s requirements.

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