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Level of support

The entire process of blast and risk assessment – including the subsequent analyses required to achieve the appropriate level of protection – consists of a number of distinct steps. Each with its own complexity.

Depending on your needs, we offer different levels of support: from quick assessments and screenings to in-depth studies and reports. At later stages in the process, we offer control and second opinions on analyses already performed, as well as execution documentation.

Reports and studies…

Depending on your needs and the stage in the process at which our team is involved, we can offer you both general and detailed advice and conclusions. Both for blast and risk analysis and for protective design. This is a highly technical and complex topic. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering clear conclusions and pragmatic solutions, based on up-to-date research and transparent reasoning.

Clear, continuous communication is an essential element of success. That’s why we will present our progress in written reports and/or oral presentations throughout the lifetime of the project. This creates the parameters for an open, straightforward dialogue. It also facilitates the interpretation and use of our results by all stakeholders, present and future.

Engineering support…

Blast engineering involves highly transient loading and dynamic responses, often involving substantially plastic material effects. Evaluating such phenomena requires non-linear dynamic analyses. That is not within the usual remit of building engineers, working on structures designed solely for conventional loads.

Our solid experience in the field means we can support your design team to produce a blast- and impact-resistant design, which achieves the required level of protection. Our support can be offered to various degrees, depending on the need; from general advice on the choice of structural systems and materials all the way to structural element dimensioning and detailing.

We do much more than just identify threat scenarios. We also support the translation of those scenarios into loading parameters (e.g. overpressure, duration, impulse), which play a significant role in the analysis. Under certain circumstances, equivalent static loads may represent the blast load. This allows other parties in the design team to draw up the structure and its elements to resist the blast load.

Control and implementation…

Our team’s involvement can stretch from the initial conceptual discussions through to the building construction process itself. At the later stages of the process, we offer control of execution documents ensuring the protection design measures are implemented properly and maintained throughout the entire process.

Have you received advice from a third party, and would you like those results to be checked? Or would you like a second opinion on your own assessment and design? We offer an extra level of control and review on the reports and execution drawings, helping you to achieve a satisfactory result.

"Praetorian Engineering is a provider of high value, cost-effective protection solutions and technical services, working directly with the project engineers to optimize the safety of their installations."

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