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Protective design and blast engineering

Protective design and blast engineering

By providing blast engineering solutions, Praetorian Engineering manages physical risk. The protective design is adopted to efficiently protect the assets and to avoid progressive damage.

Managing physical risk through engineering

Protective design and blast engineering are used to manage physical risk through engineering solutions. Designing a structure to withstand the threat may be the only option to achieve the desired level of protection. This is the case when the threat cannot be mitigated, or when alternative mitigation options are economically impracticable.

The sooner our team is involved in the design process, the more cost-effective the solution will be. Early involvement allows for an iterative process and close cooperation with the design team, the owner and other stakeholders.

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"Praetorian Engineering is a provider of high value, cost-effective protection solutions and technical services, working directly with the project engineers to optimize the safety of their installations."

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